Fossil Hunt! – Colin Glen is an amazing site with history dating well before the age of the T-REX, Join our Park Ranger & Learn about our pre-historic past.

Home of Paleontology

Did you know that Colin Glen was once NI’s equivalent to Jurassic Park? The Forest Park is rich in fossils and is a site of great geological interest. Indeed The fossil of a prehistoric sea monster that lived more than 144 million years ago was found in the Colin river by our Park Ranger – Paul Bennett. It would have belonged to a creature known as a ‘sea dragon’ about 20 metres long, which was here in the Jurassic period, during which, Ireland would have been down where the Sudan is & covered by seas.

Dr Michael Simms, a curator of paleontology at the Ulster Museum, examined the fossil and believed it to be 190 million years old. The 7 cm section of vertebrae belonged to The plesiosaur, which had a round short body, four flippers, a short tail, a very long neck & small head. They had sharp teeth and snapping jaws, which set a deadly trap for small aquatic animals.

Start Time: 2pm , Finish Time: 4pm

Maximum: 30ppl

Suitable For: Suitable for all ages, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

What To Bring: Wear wellies and outdoor clothing. Event includes some moderate, uphill walking.

Price: £4pp

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